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About Us

Smart solutions for small holder Farmers

We are an Agritech Start-up in Kenya, delivering end to end support system tailored to women, smallholder farmers in Africa, primarily in Kenya.
We leverage on technology to provide access to input credit, premium agricultural inputs, and comprehensive training programs aimed at enhancing agricultural practices and productivity.
We establish reliable markets through acquiring contracts with agro processors to ensure our farmers can sell their products at premium prices.

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What we > Do

Training & Capacity Building

We Empower farmers with innovative solutions and sustainable agritech practices.

Last Mile Farm Inputs

We assist in Revolutionising agriculture with Last Mile Farm Inputs & Delivery.

Agronomic Services

We offer expertise to farmers on crop production, soil management, and overall farm optimisation.

Data Collection

Farmer Inventory Databases for informed and precision-driven farming decisions.

Supply Chain

We Integrate supply chains to increase market access for farmers in rural Kenya.

G.I.S Remote Sensing

We provide advanced geospatial solutions for enhancing decision-making

Our Impact

How we have benefited

  • Farmer Enablement

    We have enabled 30,000 farmers to access stable and reliable contract market.

  • Women Empowerment

    We have trained over 20,000 women in good farming practices, agribusiness management, and financial literacy in the past 5 years.

  • Economic Impact

    We have increased the average income of our farmers from less than USD 2 a day to USD 4.5 a day.

  • Credit Facilitation

    We have facilitated more than 1000 women to access credit facilities and agricultural insurance services.


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