Sulma Agrivalue

Natural, Sustainable & Traceable Wholefoods

At Sulma Agrivalue, we believe in the transformative power of wholesome, natural goodness. Our mission is simple yet profound: “To empower a network of farmers with knowledge and access to local value chain and finance that will create a sustainable supply of affordable and wholesome food”.

What We Do


Connecting farmers to financial resources and market opportunities.

Marketing & Promotion

Educates farmers about the benefits and applications of Agritech solutions.

Last Mile Farm Imputs & Delivery

Revolutionizing agriculture with Last Mile Farm Inputs & Delivery.

Agronomic Services

We offer expertise & advice to farmers on crop production, soil management, and overall farm optimization.

Data Collection (Farmer Inventory Databases)

Farmer Inventory Databases for informed and precision-driven farming decisions.

Supply Chain Management

Integrate supply chains to increase market access for farmers in rural Kenya.

GIS & Remote Sensing Services

We provide advanced geospatial solutions tailored to enhance decision-making processes.

Training & Capacity Building Services

Empowering farmers with innovative solutions and sustainable practices.


Our Products

Basmati Rice

Discover the epitome of fine dining with our premium Basmati rice, a jewel of the East known for its extraordinary aroma and impeccable taste.

Yellow Beans

Experience the vibrant taste and nutritional excellence of our premium Yellow Beans. These striking legumes, also known as canary beans, are a true culinary treasure.

Green Grams

Elevate your culinary journey with our premium Green Grams, also known as mung beans. that are renowned for their versatility and nutritional value.


How We Help

We have enabled 30,000 farmers to access stable and
reliable contract market.

We have trained over 20,000 women in good farming practices, agribusiness management, and financial literacy in the past 5 years.

We have increased the average income of our farmers from less than USD 2 a day to USD 4.5 a day.

We have facilitated more than 1000 women to access credit facilities and agricultural insurance services.

Support a more sustainable and resilient food future!

Join us in our mission to nourish East Africa. Explore our sustainable selection today!